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Forsyth Woman Magazine Article

Stan Davis  The Man Has Style!
By Susan Woodall
Years ago you could open a magazine and, without looking at anything but the
hairstyles, immediately figure out which decade the photographs were from.
Fortunately, today that would not be the case.Instead of following a trend, women want a style that works for them. Most of us have spent time trying to find a
picture of what we think we want our hair to look like. We take it to a stylist who, without discussion, looks at the style and starts cutting away. We then leave disappointed we don't look like the model, but grateful that in a few months it will
just be a bad memory. So, what can we do? Stan Davis at L. James Salon has the answer. As technologies advanced and new software was introduced, it was
hoped that something would aid stylists in showing clients how their face structures impacted what look was right for them. Superimposing different looks on a client's picture was hardly the answer. Recently, a program known as Face
Metrics became available and Davis knew this was what he had been waiting for. The process involves Davis taking his client's picture with his iPad and, after
approximately fifteen minutes, the person's face is mapped out from forehead to chin. The mapping shows the height of the forehead to each brow, maps out the eyes, follows the shape of the hairline, shows the width of the nose, shows how
centered the mouth is and its fullness, whether the ears are level, shows the face
shape, and gives a percentage of how balanced the face is. "This is one of the wonderful new technologies of our industry," said Davis. "It includes the computer
technology to analyze the face and determine the balance of the person's features.
Coupled with the stylist's creative eye, we can create a hairstyle that complements the client's hair and facial features. It is a brave new world in which we live. It is the perfect fusion of science and artistry." The Face Metrics program does not give specific hairstyles, but does give suggestions and allows Davis and the client to
discuss the results. Davis then spends time going over the person's lifestyle: how much time do they have to devote each day to their hair, how skilled are they with styling products, what type of hair do they have, and how well will it work with the style they desire? Davis has the experience to guide his clients through this process with confidence. "I started High Point University right out of high school as
an art major," said Davis. "I became a cosmetologist to help work my way through college, knowing it required an artistic eye.I soon found I liked the artisticcreations of hair. I've been doing it ever since. I finished my degree at High Point University in computer systems. I feel that art and science go hand in hand. The understanding of composition helps me see the blend of client and hairstyle. The study of art gives me an advantage in understanding the science of hair coloring and the art of color creation.” Davis has years of experience in his field. "I have been the National Educational Director for Thermafuse products,” said Davis. “I have been a national educator for Design Vision. I have worked and trained with John and Suzanne Chadwick (world champion stylists), and I have been a platform artist and a salon owner." With all that, Davis still believes in continuing education to learn about the latest in techniques and equipment. He is one of only three people certified to teach the art of back blade cutting in the United States. For a limited time, Davis is offering an introductory consultative package. "With this new computer technology, I am offering a consultative package of Face Metrics coupled with Hair Typing." With that information, Davis then analyzes the client's lifestyle along with their personal styling skills to achieve a hairstyle that will complement each client and her life. While some stylists steer a person to a look the stylist wants to try, without regard to the client's needs or wishes, Davis is quick to point out this is not his philosophy. "I'm not about ego," he said. "I'm about communication with the client and fulfilling their needs, not mine."
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